We carry an abundantly diverse line of products possible only from Hokkaido with its abundance of high quality food materials.

Home products

  • Jingisukan & yakiniku (grilled meat) related products

    Jingisukan is a famous local favorite born in Hokkaido. And that's why the Bell Foods flagship product Jingisukan sauce is a must for Hokkaido tables! In addition to Jingisukan sauce, we also carry sauces for yakiniku (grilled meat).
  • Ramen & ramen salad related products

    We carry "Kami ramen soups" that let you easily prepare authentic ramen even at home and sauces for "ramen salad," a popular item from out of Sapporo.
  • Hiyashi (chilled) ramen & tsuyu sauce/soup related products

    "Hiyashi (chilled) ramen sauces" with a refreshing flavor perfect for summer. In addition to soups for hiyashi (chilled) ramen sauces, we also carry mentsuyu (noodle soup base) products with a rich flavor that perfectly complements udon and soba noodles.
  • Nabemono (hotpot) related products

    The harsh winter cold of Hokkaido is the perfect setting for hotpot cuisine. We carry a variety of hotpot tsuyu soup bases and dipping sauces perfect for all sorts of hotpot cuisine like shabushabu, sukiyaki, chige-nabe hotpots.
  • Soup curry related products

    We carry specialty soup curries made with Hokkaido ingredients.
  • Syrup related products

    In addition to ramen soup and yakiniku (grilled meat) sauces, Bell Foods also carries products like syrup for shaved ice deserts. Our Umenosei beverage, delicious with shochu, is also popular.
  • Single serving soup products

    Immensely convenient products for single meals. We carry soups perfect for a diverse array of noodles including ramen, yaki soba, and tan-tan men noodles.
  • Pre-prepared products

    We carry specialty curries and soups made with Hokkaido ingredients.
  • Other products

    We carry seasonings and sauces that allow customers to easily prepare Hokkaido favorites like "zangi" (fried chicken chunks), "soup curry," and "rice bowl dishes" at home.

Commercial products

  • Meijin Jikiden series

    We carry Chinese soups, mentsuyu soup bases, and an array of seasonings that can be used in many kinds of Japanese and Chinese cuisine.
  • Commercial noodles

    We carry ramen soups like "Kami" ramen soup, a long running home product, Gara (Chicken) Soup, and mentsuyu (noodle soup bases).
  • Meijin Chubo series

    We carry a wide array of seasonings perfect for Chinese cuisine and Japanese foods like chili sauce, gyoza, yakitori, shogayaki.
  • Restaurant & delicatessen products

    We carry a wide array of sauces for Jingisukan, rice bowl dishes, and yakiniku (grilled meat) and seasonings usable in dishes like soup curry.
  • Ramen salad

    Ramen salad is a popular item originating in Sapporo. Enjoy ramen salad with seasonal vegetables and your favorite toppings.
  • Sapporo soup curry

    Easy to prepare! Try our colorful soup curry menu.
  • Single serving meat delicatessen products

    We carry single serving meat delicatessen products for all sorts of dishes like yaki soba noodles, Jingisukan, deep fried tonkatsu pork cutlets, soup curry.
  • Single serving noodles (retail)

    Retail single serving mentsuyu (noodle soup base) products. We carry products like ramen and noodle soup and sauce bases.
  • Single serving noodles (attached)

    An attached single serving mentsuyu (noodle soup base) product. We carry soups for various kinds of noodles, like ramen, udon, and soba noodles.

Affiliate products

  • Sanei Shokuhin

    We carry an assortment of products like the ever-popular ajitsuke menma (prepared bamboo shoots), kimchi base, and syrup.